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LaRiservaBio organic farm, founded by owners, Anna Maria De Rossi and her husband, an expert in agronomy, has been producing award winning olive oil for decades.

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Our Offer for Purchasing Groups

Purchasing Groups can save on our products and shipping costs by ordering together. Use our contact page to reach out and get your custom quotation.

Our company considers very important ethical purchasing groups. They are our reference customers. We ourselves are members of a small GAS (Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale, Italian for ethical purchasing group) in Tuscania and almost all of our food purchases are made from organic companies that sell directly like us. Moreover, we often exchange products.


We are strongly linked to the values of the solidarity economy and its principles. Therefore, respect for the health of consumers, for the environment, for the dignity of workers are of primary importance for us.


If you are part of an ethical purchasing group or other consumer associations please contact us; we will be happy to collaborate with you, not only by offering you favorable purchasing conditions but by making us available for meetings, visits to our company, presentation of our production process, oil tasting courses, and more.