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Olio Novello: what it is and main characteristics

Today, October 29th, autumn seems to have finally arrived, and, together with the warm colors of nature, and the foliage, it has brought us a precious thing with a unique taste: the year’s first olive oil.

Our farm always starts harvesting the olives very early, that is, at the beginning of October, when the olives are still a little green, not too ripe.
This makes it possible to obtain a better quality oil, at the expense of quantity.

But what does the new oil look like? And what are its nutritional benefits?

The new olive oil has a fresh, pungent and rich aroma taste, it represents the very essence of the freshly harvested olives.
In fact, it is obtained from the pressing of the first olives harvested of the year and bottled within a few hours of pressing. Its consumption immediately after pressing allows you to enjoy a product whose organoleptic and nutritional characteristics remain almost intact.

In the new oil we find a high concentration of polyphenols and is characterized by a great aromatic richness. This is why the color of our oil these days is emerald green, brilliant, because it is still a young oil, obtained from unripe olives and therefore still rich in chlorophyll.
As for the taste, on the palate we feel a slight bitter fruitiness, perfectly balanced with the spicy.

How to use it in the cuisine?

Given its intensity and freshness, the new oil is ideal to be used raw, as it is the method that allows you to preserve its organoleptic profile and to fully appreciate its characteristics.
It is perfect on bruschetta, salads, carpaccio or to enhance soups and legumes. Each region, with its own specificities, offers traditional food pairings.

Don’t worry if you are not good at cooking, the “new” oil thanks to its fresh and intense flavor can enhance the flavors of even the simplest dish.
In order not to alter its characteristics, we always recommend storing the new oil protected from air, light and temperature variations. To this end, it is advisable to store EVO oil in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources, always closing the bottle after use.

What are the nutritional benefits?

The new oil, being the first oil of the season, is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, substances that protect our body from many diseases and are known for their beneficial properties, including cardiovascular protection.
In fact, the spicy flavor of the new oil is given by the high concentration of oleocanthals, particular polyphenols, which help prevent cellular aging.

Have we convinced you to hurry up and buy our new oil?

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