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LaRiservaBio organic farm, founded by owners, Anna Maria De Rossi and her husband, an expert in agronomy, has been producing award winning olive oil for decades.

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la RiservaBio Winner of Orii del Lazio 2021

Regional Competition for the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The 28th edition of the Competition for the best extra virgin olive oils of the Lazio region (same region where Rome is situated), known as Orii del Lazio – Masterpieces of Taste, has just ended. La RiservaBio company was selected as the winner among all the participating companies, distinguishing itself with its particularly important organic evo for its fruity medium characteristic, coming in second place.

The regional competition for the best oils of Lazio Orii del Lazio – Masterpieces of taste is promoted and organized by Unioncamere Lazio, Association of the five Chambers of Commerce of Lazio, with the support of the technical secretariat of Agro Camera, Special Company of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome for the promotion of the agri-food sector.

The initiative is part of a large project to promote the agri-food chain, with the aim of enhancing the excellence of the Lazio region agri-food sector.

The main objectives of the Competition are first and foremost to enhance the best extra virgin olive oils from areas with national or / and EU recognition, or even from the different areas of the Lazio region, to increase their knowledge and develop their presence on foreign markets. Secondly, to stimulate olive growers to improve the quality of the product and to diversify it, and, lastly, to contribute to the enhancement and dissemination at the regional level of technicians and expert tasters in harmony with Italian and Community legislation.

If you are curious to try our fruity medium Evo, go to our shop or visit us at our company located in Tuscania. And if you want to contact us to find out more, write or call us, we will be more than happy to be able to give you more information about our organic farm and extra virgin olive oil.

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