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Do-it-yourself Olive Oil Based Curative Remedies

Olive oil is not only a condiment to use in your cuisine, it is in fact also widely used in cosmetics, and also as an easy-to-use natural remedy for minor injuries such as burns, rheumatism problems, sprains and also to counteract hair loss. .

Here below we describe some possible uses in place of common drugs that could harm our health.

Olive Oil for Burns

Olive oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, which make it particularly useful for relieving and treating skin injured by burns or sunburn. This is thanks to oleocanthal, one of the most powerful natural compounds contained in olive oil, which has amazing effects on the dermis.

The best method of use is that of the compress, or moisten a cloth with oil, making sure that the texture of the fabric does not let the liquid filter excessively, and place it on the affected area for approximately half an hour. The application can be repeated every two hours until the redness has disappeared. Another method is to apply the oil directly to the skin and make circular massages until completely resorbed.

Olive oil to treat burns can also be used together with lemon, the preparation of the mixture is extremely simple, just mix some olive oil with lemon juice in a container, then sprinkle it on the affected part.

Whatever method you decide to use, we recommend not to exceed in the quantities because this compound is rich in fatty acids, which could clog the pores of the dermis.

Also, in the case of severe burns, it is good to see a doctor.

Olive Oil for Earache and to Promote the Extraction of Earwax

Olive oil can be an effective aid against external and media otitis because when it comes into contact with the inflamed eardrum it has a calming effect on swollen and stiff tissues, thus reducing pain and inflammation.

What to do then? Simple: you need to heat a few drops of olive oil and pour it onto a teaspoon, then let it fall inside our ear.

The oil also helps dissolve the mucus and earwax, in case you are using olive oil to extract earwax, after squeezing the oil into your ear, wait 5 minutes and put a clean cloth right under the ear, in such a way as to collect the oil and liquefied ear wax that comes out of the ear. Finally, sprinkle clean water into the ear to clean it.

Olive Oil against Hair Loss

Olive oil is also a good product to be applied to the scalp and hair both to restore shine, softness and vigor to these, and as an alternative to anti-fall ampoules against hair loss.

What you need to do is rub the scalp with a cotton ball soaked in olive oil before going to sleep, and wrap the head in a towel; the next morning wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If this practice is repeated for at least 10 days you will already notice that the hair will be stronger and brighter.

Olive oil helps the scalp and fiber through:

vitamin A which counteracts the effects of aging and vitamin E which fights the effects of free radicals and damage to cellular tissues linoleic acid, essential for giving softness and also for the most difficult to treat hair.

Anti-Wrinkle Olive Oil

Thanks to the polyphenols, with their antioxidant action, olive oil is an excellent remedy for preventing wrinkles, counteracting the action of free radicals. Furthermore, beta-carotene acts to elasticise the skin.

Just sprinkle it gently on the skin around your eyes before going to sleep in the evening or right after waking up in the morning. You can put it in the refrigerator so that it has a denser consistency and therefore looks more similar to that of a cream.

Olive Oil for Rheumatism and Sprains

Thanks to phenols, with their antioxidant power, olive oil can inhibit oxidative stress, that is, it helps to slow down the process of rheumatic disease. In addition, thanks to a substance called oleocanthal, also contained in the oil, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, so much so that it can be compared to ibuprofen, widely used as an anti-inflammatory for rheumatic diseases.

But be careful: these qualities of olive oil are only obtained with extra virgin olive oil and not with olive oil (a refined oil that is obtained through the use of solvents to obtain oil from the carcasses of already pressed olives) and only when the oil is first pressed and cold pressed, that is, squeezed at the latest within 24-36 hours from the olive harvest.

Olive oil is also a valid natural remedy to relieve pain or swelling due to sprains.

Olive oil must be heated until it gets lukewarm and then applied to the area affected by pain and massage for 5-6 minutes. This operation helps to relax the muscles and relieve pain. The operation can be repeated 4 times a day.

Olive Oil against Dryness and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, triggered mostly by stressful situations. There is an increase in the production of antibodies, in particular of the T lymphocytes, visible at the epidermal level as an inflammatory phenomenon.

Thanks to the biophenols, of which it is rich, extra virgin olive oil is able to fight the effects of psoriasis by inhibiting metabolic problems and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, the olive oil is also useful against dry skin, either due to genetic factors or from dehydration. Also in this case, packs of olive oil are highly recommended to restore nutrition and hydration to the skin.

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